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Facebook Messenger in ChromeMy First "Group"
"Anons Get Em While They're Free - Thoughts*

 When I first heard about "Facebook" I was Neck Deep Gung-Ho into ... I had a decent following and a blog I was just about to monetize.  "Army of One United By Many"... Well, as most know Myspace decided to sell us out and I lost most of all of the intellectual property and time I had stuffed into that page.   Blog posts, music, code in html, money and years that I have been assured that I can't get back...
 Around that time 2012'ish I got sick, I developed D.V.T. with Bi-Lateral Pulmonary Embolisms. I spent 8 1/2 weeks in a hospital, 2 actually, alone, scared, and in pain.
To be cont...
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Graffiti Arte De Jour

"Suburban Street Art"- A Surreal Urban Media Solutions Blog (website coming soon'ish)
Graffiti is more than writing on a wall,  it's expression of self. You could call it therapy coming out of a can of spray paint. It isn't always therapeutic and maybe it doesn't always make sense, but when you take the time to stop and really read the "writing on the wall" you almost always start to see a purpose.
Graffiti is the average Urban Kids platform where he or she can gain instant game using themself as the Media. Is it really much different than the Suburban Sprawl and Advertising Billboards we are hit with the moment we leave our houses???

Or why do it at all???  Fresh Paint
 Mission Prep.